Gumpert Apollo Speed em Genebra

Gear box: sequential six-speed gear box with synchronisation and oil cooling,differential lock by Torsen, rear-wheel drive
Suspension: double wishbone axle, in bound and rebound fully adjustable, shock-/ dampers device, cross stabilizer front
Wheels & tires: front: 255/35ZR19 / rear: 345/35ZR19
Dry weight: 1,200 kg (For cars with standard equipment without filling. Special equipment may increase this value.)
Length: 4,460 mm/ 175,6 in
Width: 1,998 mm/ 78,6 in
Height: 1,105 mm/ 43,5 in
Wheel base: 2,700 mm/ 106, 3 in
Wheel gauge: front: 1,670 mm/ 65,7 in/ rear: 1,598 mm/ 62,9 in
Tank capacity: 120 litre/ 26,4 gall. (U.K)

Type: V8-cylinder-Biturbomotor with 90° cylinder angle, five valves per cylinder, four overhead,camshafts, hydraulic valve clearance compensation, double-flow exhaust system with 3-way, catalytic converter, dry sump lubrication
Cubic capacity: 4,163 cm3
Nominal output: 700 HP/ 515 kW at 6,500 rev/min
Maximum torque: 875 Nm/ 645,3 lb ft at 4,000 rev/min
Litre performance: 168 HP/ 123,7 kW per Litre
Maximum rev: 7,200 rev/min

Top speed : > 360 km/h / 224 mph (Depending on equipment, country related specification, gear ratio and engine power)
0-100 km/h: 3.0 s
0-200 km/h: 8.9 s

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